About Victory

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About Us Page
About Victory
Helping Local SMEs
Victory's Vision: Singapore Is The Best Safe Haven For Investment
All local SMEs to kick-start their Risk Management journey and to actively manage their risk.
Victory's Mission With A Risk Appetite Statement
To Dispel 2 Common Myths:
1. Managing risks is only about the provision of safe working premises.
2. Building a Good Risk Management Framework is very expensive.

Victory's Risk Appetite Statement
1. We strive to be innovative in our Risk Management approach without losing its underlying principles.
2. We strive to keep a high standard so as to maintain our reputation as a specialist risk consultant to local SMEs.
Team Victory
27 Aug 2018
AARM Website Goes 'Live'
(Phase 1)
24 Oct 2018
Victory Consulting & Services Pte. Ltd. Incorporated
25 July 2019
Lunch 'n' Learn Session
The 10-Step Risk Checklist (TM)
Ocean Financial Centre
15-16 Oct 2019
2-Day Training Seminar
The 10-Step Risk Checklist (TM)
Frasers Tower
22 Nov 2019
Embarked on Our Digital Journey
21 Oct 2020
AARM Website Goes 'Live'
Phase 2