Continuous Professional Development and Skill Upgrading is a key differentiating factor in this new economy. Short courses and workshops are offered in the in the area of Governance, Risk and Compliance. These workshops cover topics such as:

1. Enterprise wide risk management framework
2. Corporate governance
3. Operational risk management framework and methodologies
4. Specialist risk management, including business continuity, outsourcing risk, technology/cyber risk
5. Financial risk management framework and methodologies
6. Overview of compliance and regulatory framework
7. Case studies and hands-on application

Governance Risk & Compliance Consulting (“GRC”):

Do you have a good understanding of what is needed to put in place a good GRC framework? How does your fund business integrate a good GRC framework into the day to day business decision making and help in value creation and protection? GRC is more than just having a Compliance Function with your funds business. GRC involves putting in place the appropriate corporate governance structure, enterprise wide risk management framework and compliance framework which goes beyond regulatory compliance but also addressing conduct risk.¬†Our team of professional can help you navigate the ever increasing demand for GRC by regulators, clients, investors and put in place an appropriate framework that is aligned with the scale and complexity of your fund’s business.

Risk Consultant

Independent Professional Directorship:

What is Independent Director (ID)? An Independent Director is someone who has no relationship with the company, its related company or its officers. One of the role of an independent director’s role is oversight and to ensure the assets are used for the company’s intended purpose. Good corporate governance is one of the key differentiating factors of a successful investment fund. As a professional firm, we pride ourselves with an excellent team of high quality professional with multi decades of fund governance experience. These professional directors will provide a good independent governance and oversight of your investment fund. Independent Director is to ensure that the investors interests are safeguarded. Independent Director key role is to also ensure the sufficient internal controls are in place and ensure the production of a reliable and accurate Net Asset Value statement for the fund. Speak with us to understand more more about our professional directorship services.