Shell to cut jobs

Tesla to introduce China made model

AUM for SG based fund

managers up ~15% in 2019

Asia stock markets

mostly mix on Wed

India’s fiscal deficit ~100% of target

China golden week holiday

will be test for service sector

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Market Overview

Last Update Region Index Name PD Close 12M High 12M Low 1 Year Return Graph
2020-09-29 US S&P500 3,335 3,581 2,237 13.0%
2020-09-30 Asia Nikkei225 23,185 24,084 16,553 5.2%
2020-09-30 Asia ShanghaiSEComposite 3,218 3,451 2,660 7.3%
2020-09-30 Asia HangSengIndex 23,459 29,056 21,696 -10.1%
2020-09-30 Asia BSESENSEX 38,068 41,953 25,981 -1.5%
2020-09-30 Asia StraitsTimesIndex 2,467 3,286 2,233 -21.6%

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What is Financial Crime 

Financial crime is crime co...

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Compliance Framework for Buy Side Institution

Compliance function in most jurisdiction is normally a regulatory requirement. Financial institution incl...

April 20 , 18
Mis-Selling Financial Products

What is Mis-Selling?

Mis-selling is a sales practice in which a product or service is deliberately misrepresen...

November 15 , 18
Counterparty Exposure Monitoring and Limits

Current Exposure
Knowing your risk exposure is the foundation for all risk management framework. Fo...

November 15 , 18
Key Terms in ISDA Master Agreement and Credit Support Annex

International Swaps and Derivatives Association Master Agreement (ISDA MA) and Credit Support Ann...

November 13 , 18
What is Counterparty Risk

What is Counterparty Risk?

Counterparty credit risk or also known as ...

July 20 , 19
10 Step Risk Checklist Step 1 to 5
July 20 , 19
10 Step Risk Checklist Step 6 to 10
April 21 , 19
Financial Services and Risk Management

Why is financial sector so concern (or obsessed) about risk?

  1. Sa...
April 28 , 19
Portfolio Risk

Portfolio Risk & Performance Oversight should allow for us to achieve the following objectives. Differentiate between FLOD and SLO...

November 15 , 18
Fundamentals to Liquidity Risk Management

Risk management is more art than science. This is especially true in liquidity risk management. Liquidity risk management (“LRM”) esp...

November 13 , 18
Background to Investment Risk

What is Investment Risk

As the name suggest, investment risk is the r...

November 13 , 18
Operational Risk Management

A good Operational Risk Management (ORM) Framework is an integrated process. Under the three lines of defense, First Line of Defense (...

November 13 , 18
Errors And Breaches

What are Errors and Breaches (E&B)? Why is it important to monitor and track E&B under the operat...

November 13 , 18
Risk and Control Self Assessment (RCSA)

Risk and Control Self Assessment, a framework that helps organisation to manage their risks in accordance to their business objectives...

April 06 , 19
Cyber Security Risk Management 101 Part 1

What is Cybersecurity?

  • Cybersecurity is the pr...
April 06 , 19
Cyber Security Risk Management 101 - Part 2

Regulatory Development (MAS)

  • MAS technology risk manage...

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